Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Success Formula

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By Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia

There is no formula. Success comes in various tortuous ways, many of them unknown even to those who achieve it.

Everybody wants it, they all try to get it, only few know what it actually means. Those who don't make it? Swear revenge. If you think you can achieve success by working hard and being humble, well you got it all wrong. That might only give you access to heaven!

Success is linked to geniality, ideas, inventiveness, determination and also chance. You have to put yourself out there, never be satisfied with the small victories, and never think you made it.

How many young designers have been praised and then forgotten after only a couple of seasons? How many felt they made it, became arrogant and annoyed everybody around them - especially the press and the buyers - finding themselves out of the papers and stores without pity?

Nobody asks you to be good as your main trait of character at work, but to be kind yes. You have to listen to everybody's advice, and then do what you feel is right. It's your name and your risk. Success is not, you have to share it with many, or at least with those who believed in you. Alone you won't get anywhere.

The collaborators have to be the best and we shouldn't be scared of rising successes. While they are growing you earn merits that aren't even yours! Success is a matter of quality. In everything.

I am sure someone will say that having ties, knowing the right people helps. It's certainly true that it helps to get introduced, but it doesn't guarantee success. It absolutely helps a young person to know someone to get a job, but I have to say from experience that not everyone is able to keep the job, because qualities such as spirit of sacrifice, determination, are as innate as creativity, and not for everyone.

To live in frustration and feel like nobody understands us is just not facing reality and a loss of time. Making success look further away.

Being envious doesn't make you objective. You have to understand why someone makes it and another doesn't. Is he being protected? Even so? If he doesn't have the talent he will get expelled and if he does, he has to pay double the price: twice as lucky! Intolerable to most!

Success is something you earn, something you invent. Nothing comes casually even if ending up at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, makes it much easier. Luck swings both ways. You can't really base your success on it. Talent, your talent, is the real force.

In case you don't have a talent of your own, you could still find that yours is actually to understand that of others. That too helps in being successful!

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